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Already have knowledge of the basic principles of kitchen work?

Ready to demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm?

Candidates will be required to display both practical skills and the associated knowledge in order to complete the assessments.

Triple Certification & available full time and part time.

100% job placement.


1 Year


Environmental Sustainability 

Work in a Team 

Hospitality in a socially diverse environment 

Occupational Health and Safety in the Workplace  

Hygiene in the Workplace*

Prepare, Cook and Serve Food for Food Service*

Mise en Place and Preparation of Food

Storage and Receival of Kitchen Supplies

Food Safety in the Workplace

Kitchen Cleaning and Maintenance

Menu Planning, Development and Implementation 

Nutrition and Dietary Needs in the Workplace 

Training and Team Development 

First Aid

Principles of Cookery Methods

Preparation of Entrees and Salads

Preparation and cooking of Stocks, Soups and Sauces

Preparation of Vegetables, Fruits, Eggs and Farinaceous Dishes

Preparation and Cooking of Poultry

Preparation and Cooking of Seafood

Preparation and Cooking of Meat

Preparation and Cooking of Desserts

Prepare Pastries, Cakes and Yeast Goods

Planning and Preparation of Buffets 

Prepare Sandwiches and Burgers 

Presentation of Food 


16 years old

(with min. 9 years of schooling, or with 3 years relevant prior work experiences) 


Level 2 Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking Culinary Arts (City & Guilds) , Professional Chef Certification Level 3 (Culinary Solutions Australia International, WACS Commis 1 Certification

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